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Legacy News: The Role of a Well-Trained Personal Trainer

By November 11, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

If you have followed the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center page for any period of time you know that we work with all types of clients, but you may not  realize that when we relocated into our new facility in the Design District we opened a school. We have a myriad of workshops and courses that we offer because we believe that the most important person in a person’s wellness program is their trainer. A trainer needs to be well-trained and this requires several years of work and study combined; hence the reason we organized our school the way we did. There is no other school set up like this, teaching the material that we teach. We are sure that you as a trainer, or a client interested in finding a trainer who has completed this type of training, will not be disappointed. Forget about hiring a trainer that only counts reps and makes you show up on time. SomaTrainers are the real deal, with a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics by the time theyHooton group work complete the end of their basic training. To learn more about our programming, visit our website and continue to follow our page as we continue to build this model.