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Legacy News: Dead lift or Squat- Which is the Most Important Lift?

By February 21, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

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Posts on the internet discuss this topic- the short answer is… the SQUAT, no question. More specifically, the gravity squat. There are over 100 factors of progression in the squat exercise making it one of the most neurologically challenging exercises to master. To squat properly is to manage all the axis of rotation in every joint of your body through movement. The bottom of the dead lift actually allows for more trunk flexion which in fact is easier to do then to maintain the gravity line and pelvis through the total range.

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  • Scott Herrera: I would add that in the dead lift the scapular girdle is free… the arms hang below to grab the bar creating little to no compensation in the spine that has to be managed during the lift where the arm posture for the squat, in its numerous variations, directly changes the tension in the scapular girdle. This additional element of tension/complexity requires a greater level of concentration and muscular recruitment to manage throughout the entire lift in all ranges.

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