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Legacy Lectures: Tonight- Dr. Caffery’s “Why Doesn’t My Brain Work?- Gluten”

By April 11, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Tonight @ 7PM the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center hosts the lecture “Why Doesn’t My Brain Work?” Tonight’s lecture by Dr. Caffery will review key points from the first lecture in the series (last month) before discussing how gluten can effect the brain and more. Arrive early to get a seat and have some of Chef Steph’s grass-fed, organic snacks! Doors open @ 615PM and the lecture begins @ 7PM. After tonight’s lecture there will be a Q & A session for the audience members… all topics are open including questions regarding exercise, Legacy Center’s Wellness Program, the ELDOA, and both the Performance & Wellness Coaching Programs.

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  • Tonight is the second lecture in a series of three by Dr. Caffery- “Why Doesn’t My Brain Work?” After the lecture audience members can ask questions on any topic including the lecture content, brain, exercise, Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s Wellness Programs, the Coaching Series for Athletes and Wellness Clients used to compliment personal programs.

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