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Legacy Exercise News: The Squat: How to Begin & Which Style?

It’s not the age of the person, it’s the person and what they present with when you meet with them including their goals, that determines which exercises are best to begin with and which need to be avoided. Modifications to the classic movement are based upon your findings. For example, how low a person goes in the squat is based on how straight their spine is and if they can maintain their pelvis. A squat that goes too deep can result in a double-tipping of the pelvis at the bottom of the movement and again as they ascend. This can result in unnecessary shear force on the last intervertebral disc L5-S1. Its best to begin a client with the gravity squat and progress to the back squat with a bar. Tension to the low back and spine in the back squat or gravity squat is much lower than starting a client with a dead lift exercise. To learn more about the spine and pelvis enroll in the squat course or an ELDOA 1 Certification Course.

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