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Legacy Center Sport Tip: The Stretching Debate- Part 3 of 3

By March 14, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Case Histories: Track and Field Sports-
These athletes typically are the most powerful athletes on the planet pound for pound! With such power, usually comes a high tensile strength in the connective tissue that helps to facilitate such power. If this tension is not regulated or normalized on a regular basis then power can be lost as well as range of motion, for example in a world class sprinter or hurdler. A loss of just a few millimeters in each stride or a lack of flexibility in clearing hurdles equates to lost time and in a sport that is all about time this can make the difference between world-class times, personal best medals and last place. Myofascial Stretching should be a foundational exercise(s) in athletes such as this!

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  • scott herrera says:

    This past weekend SomaPractitioner and former Olympic-level track and field athlete Brian Murer visited the Legacy Center for training and exercise instruction (for insight into that see other posts regarding General Exercise class and ELDOA workouts for Saturday morning) Brian shared a few recent changes after starting an ELDOA workout routine that complimented a training program with a world-class thrower he works with back in Bloomington, Indiana.

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