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Last Week @ Legacy Center April 2014

By April 19, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

It is Easter weekend 2014 and next week will be the final week for Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in our current location in Dallas. Our new location and more information regarding the relocation will be posted soon.

With the location change, a new name and business model are planned as well. Our new location will be double the size which will allow to host more events and conferences on campus as well as expand our gym.

As part of the new model, Legacy plans to host  courses…courses that are not for continuation education credits but courses designed to give both clients and practitioners the necessary tools and information to make permanent change in their personal lives, the lives of others, and their business models.

Several courses that we plan to teach on a regular basis will be-

1. How to Organize and Teach a Group (ELDOA) Class 2. How to Integrate Proper Group Exercise Training into Your Current Business Model, and 3. How to Create a Wellness Program Using the SomaTraining Skills 4. How to Use Performance Rehab SomaTraining Skills as Part of a Preventative or Maintenance Program for either Wellness or Professional Sport Training, and 5. The Benefits of Dry Sauna Use in Your Sport & Wellness Programming.

The aforementioned courses are an expansion of what Legacy has done with practitioners over the past few years with respect to their businesses, but now we want to expand that programming and offer it to others.

Programming that we plan to offer to the public includes lectures and information regarding the Damage Sports Specialization is Doing to the Youth of Today, Information you Can Use if you Have an Auto-immune Condition, and many of the Farces of Sports Medicine.

Other programming will include Wellness and Sport Immersions for both clients and practitioners at off-campus in locations like the Colorado Rockies and other determined venues specific to the course content.

These are just a few of the courses we plan to offer at the new Center. To learn more about this programming and our new location we invite you to follow our posts and website for updates- thank you.



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