ELDOA 1 is the first course of the NEW ELDOA program.

The ELDOA program has been reformatted into FIVE levels with level one designed for the practitioner or client with little or no formal training in the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine.

(This includes trainers, hands-on therapist, coaches and movement teachers as well as clients).

Course topics for ELDOA 1 include the history of ELDOA and how Guy VOYER, DO came to organize this system of training, VOYER’s educational paradigm— complexity, tensegrity biomechanics and functional anatomy, a brief discussion about the FASCIA or what VOYER refers to as “the link,” introduction to the anatomy, biomechanics of the spine, common pathologies including back pain and disc herniation,

This 2-day course is combination of theory and hands-on practice using the five ELDOA exercises for the classic regions of the spine and pelvis.

Download (PDF, 145KB)