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Heat is No Joke!

By January 26, 2016Daily Posts/Tips

The benefits of dry sauna in the professional sports world are just beginning to be recognized, but sauna isn’t just for the pros.

Regular sauna use can • help people lose weight and maintain weight loss • increase blood circulation • accelerate movement of blood lymph • equalize movement of the extra-cellular fluids throughout the body • achieve faster renewal of plasma and cerebra-spinal fluid (CSF) • create a more efficient transport of nutrients and elimination of waste products • make you sweat which is essential to health.

Sweating does three things:   (1) rids the body of waste  (2) regulates the critical temperature of the body at 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees C) and (3) keeps the skin clean and pliant.

Find a hot, dry sauna and get healthy!


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