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Whether over-the-counter or prescription, it seems the whole world is on anti-acids.
When you suppress stomach acid (which is what anti-acids do), you start to colonize the upper intestine with unhealthy bacteria. This is called small intestine over-growth.
Acid-blocking drugs change the environment in the gut which can lead to obesity.
In addition, the Rx for what is referred to as reflux or the idea there is too much stomach acid actually induce the symptoms the prescription is designed to treat.

If you have reflux, it is not a case of too much stomach acid, but too little!
Before you reach for Tums or your doctor’s phone number, try a teaspoon to a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before or after your meal. Even a little lemon in a glass of water may increase the acid in your stomach just enough to lessen or alleviate the problem.salad dressing ingredients

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