Legacy has helped many golfers improve their game and feel better using ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching, and analytical strengthening exercises.

In the sport of professional golf the popular topic amongst players and teaching pros is club head speed and distance; however neither understand how to achieve speed and distance correctly. Sure, you can use olympic lifting as a means to improve explosiveness, but that comes at a price…a price to the players body.

Few coaches-trainers are well-qualified olympic lifting instructors and fewer know how to adapt the exercises to the individual athlete. Here is a simple tip: if you want to swing the club faster, improve the quality of movement between the vertebral bodies for starters. To do this…the ELDOA.

The benefits of the ELDOA are numerous-

For adults, the ELDOA exercise can balance the pelvis and base of the spine, a common location for many golfers that results in some sort of back pain or spine pathology. For junior golfers who often lack quality muscle the ELDOA exercises help to build quality tissue while improving proprioception in the vertebral segments.

Are you a golfer? Is back pain keeping you away from the sport you love to play?

Enroll in Legacy Sport & Wellness Center’s ELDOA-Sport Program and learn how to end your back pain naturally with this proven form of exercise. Weekly classes taught at the Legacy Center in Dallas in combination with a personalized home program will give you the tools that you need to “End Your Back Pain Naturally” and get you back to playing golf!

Some Golfers that Legacy has Worked With:

Ben Crane

Tommy Armour III

Tyrone Van Aswegen

Ben Crane showing you how to properly warm up the spine for golf.