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Gluten and ‘Grain Substitutes’

By September 29, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Gluten-free foods have become so mainstream that it would be easy to look at the rise of these products as a fad and companies who produce these foods as jumping on a bandwagon that may soon roll out of town.

For folks with a sensitivity or intolerance to grains, the gluten-free foods are viewed as a life-saver…an easy way to remove potential exposure to what makes them sick and enjoy the foods they have sorely missed in trying to remove grain proteins from their food plan.

As we have stated before, there are foods that contain zero gluten, but have a protein so very similar to it that our bodies cannot distinguish  the  difference.  Reaction to these foods is the same as having eaten gluten.  The big cross-reactive foods (as these things are named) are coffee, dairy, oats, yeast and chocolate.

But quinoa is safe, right?  Read this article and you may rethink that ‘fact’:

GlutenFlam is a supplement that can be used when you are getting ready to eat a meal over which you have no control!  If you are highly sensitive to cross-contamination, two capsules when you order your food may eliminate any of the symptoms you suffer  when you accidentally get gluten in your food.  It is not, however, a license to pig out on gluten laced products!


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