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General Presentation of the Fascia

By July 19, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Many of the articles and research texts cite two layers of fascia. In the ELDOA courses organized by Guy VOYER DO he explains that that there  are three. From Voyer’s text…. a brief summary- “Although the fascia present intermediate and anastomotic planes they are divided arbitrarily into three layers: 1. The Superficial layer that includes the different layers of the skin 2. The Middle layer (from superficial to deep). The epicranial aponeurosis and the fascia superficialis, the aponeurosis. 3. The Deep Layer: the dura mater or pachymeninges is the external layer of the meninges and is of mesenchymal origin. It is made of several stratified layers of collagen fibers separated from one another by flattened cells; each layer has a different direction in relation to its adjacent supra and infra layers which provides significant resistance and in extensibility to the whole.

Deltoid of Farabeuf

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