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“Fascial Fitness” & the ELDOA

By July 19, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

“Fascial Fitness” is a buzzword cycling throughout the fields of manual therapy and exercise/wellness recently. As more excellent articles and research continue to be published on this exciting topic, the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center would like to share an established form of exercise with a hosts of benefits that include improving the quality of the fascia- The ELDOA. The ELDOA (exercises) use the fascial chains in combination with specific postures to create “an opening effect” and re-organization of the tissue. To learn more about the ELDOA and its many functions see otherposts by the Legacy Center or follow any of the pages located at the bottom of our homepage. Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is a leader in the fields of Exercise, Wellness and Human Performance.  For more information on the fascia, Quality Exercise(s) and the ELDOA contact the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center-


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