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Fascia is all the rage

By July 27, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Comments to a post on a Fascia Science Article, a topic that continues to grow in popularity, continues to miss the mark…Why is that when people post on the fascia and “what is possible or not possible” it always circles back to “lines of fascia” and “what can be accomplished”, (OR not accomplished) with manual therapy? No one EVER talks about how to exercise with respect to the descriptive anatomy, which includes the fascia/fascial chains and biomechanics. I have seen “attempts” at this by some of the SAME experts writing the research articles about fascia and they fall “WAY short of the mark”, which translates to me as “they don’t know as much about the body, biomechanics, functional anatomy and descriptive anatomy as one may believe from reading their papers or listening to their lectures.” They only person to date that I have heard, and witnessed, who can speak about the physiology of fascia, exercise, surgery, trauma, rehab, sport training and manual therapy is Guy VOYER MD, DO and yet his work is never cited.”

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