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End Back Pain Naturally- ELDOA

By June 23, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

The amount of people that have some type of “back pain” is staggering. One could argue that at some point every person will experience “back pain” to some degree. The theories on how to treat this condition are equally “staggering”. Here is a tip you can take to the bank… if you want to improve your back pain condition naturally use the ELDOA exercises created by Guy VOYER DO. The ELDOA, when used properly over a period of time the ELDOA exercises improve the quality of the spinal joints and surrounding tissues. At the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center we design home ELDOA programs and offer group ELDOA classes as part of our monthly Wellness Program. To learn more about the ELDOA or other programs offered at the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center contact the center-

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