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ELDOA & The Fascial Chains-

By July 11, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

The ELDOA exercises were designed by French Osteopath Guy VOYER DO, MD. A frequent misconception about the ELDOA exercises is that the exercises are limited to just the spine. This is incorrect. It is true that there is an ELDOA exercise for each joint of the spine, and in some cases specific parts of a spinal joint, for example, the foramen of L5-S1 segment; however, there are ELDOA exercises for the shoulder joints, sacro-iiliac joints, cranium, and in the most advanced ELDOA exercises a specific space in the body can be targeted via the tensegrity principle and fascial chains.

Through the fascial chains the ELDOA affect change…

This concept and so much more is discussed in detail in the ELDOA 1-2 Seminar. For more information contact Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas regarding the last ELDOA 1-2 Intensive seminar scheduled in Nov. of 2013 in Dallas-

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