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ELDOA, the Fascia and Fascial Chains-

By May 29, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

The ELDOA is an exercise system organized by French Osteopath Guy VOYER DO. It is often mistake for stretching when in fact it utilizes the fascial chains found within the body to elongate and strengthen in an effort to normalize tension in the connective tissues. There are many roles of the fascia-

One role of the fascia is “to organize the plan of the body”. The shape of the body is determined in large part by the fascia of that person. What you do with your body with respect to exercise, lifestyle and throughout your life affects the shape and organization of this intelligent and adaptable tissue.

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas was the first facility in the United States to organize a program based upon the work of VOYER and the ELDOA. We offer personal programs and group classes for the ELDOA and for athletes we have ELDOA-Sport. The ELDOA is one of the few exercises one can say is good for 100 percent of the population!

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