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ELDOA-Sport & Golf

By June 30, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

ELDOA-Sport is a group of ELDOA exercises that are incredibly effective for athletes and sport! Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is organizing a GOLF-Wellness Immersion at a site to be announced. Camps vary in length of days and content depending on the type of activity and participants that enroll. A GOLF CAMP for example include  several workouts at day (AM Group-ELDOA workout first thing) in conjunction with golf instruction by top teaching professionals, golf drills, and play. This “hands-on” camp will cover topics such as: 1. how to warm-up the spine properly before a round of golf (or golf practice) 2. What to do after  practice, or a round of golf to respect the normal organization of the tissue and “re-organize accordingly”, and much more.  For more information on this camp and other Sport & Wellness Camps hosted by Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas  we invite you to follow the Center’s Events on our homepage-

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