The Legacy ELDOA™ – SomaTraining Center offers an innovative approach to exercise and exercise instruction.


After more than 20 years of intensive travel and study throughout North America, Scott Herrera recognized the need for a new paradigm:  one that respects the individual person, uses exercise prescription, and adheres to functional anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics.


In 2008, the Legacy Center was born from the desire to create a facility where clients could learn to exercise their bodies and achieve their wellness goals.


As word spread, athletes and coaching staffs from all over the world visited the Center to learn better performance training techniques and to increase the length of their careers.


The Legacy Sport & Wellness  Center has two divisions, the Sport & Wellness Program and the Institute.


The Sport & Wellness Program integrates analytical exercises – ELDOA™, MFS, specific muscle reinforcement, proprioception, (based upon the work of Guy VOYER, DO) – with traditional “global” exercises. Clients receive personalized home programs, complemented and reinforced with weekly group exercise classes, semi-private, or private sessions at the Center.


The Institute is a teaching facility.  Programs and course work are organized into short, intensive modules throughout the year, in multi-day formats with yearly review sessions. The programming is designed to teach practitioners to problem solve the most complex cases.  The material is taught with respect to the educational paradigm – “learn by doing” –  complexity and tensegrity biomechanics.


In 2015, the ELDOA™ program was reformatted into a six-level, stand-alone program.  The Legacy Institute was chosen as the program administrator and Scott Herrera as Program Director, Senior Instructor, and author of the ELDOA™ manuals, Levels 1-3.