The Legacy Institute

Education is the foundation for permanent change. As part of Legacy’s business model, we opened a teaching facility that offers regularly scheduled workshops and lectures for health practitioners, exercise professionals, and clients. Courses are organized into short, intensive modules offered throughout the year.

One division of the Institute is the ELDOA School of Training. It opened after the 2013 North American ELDOA Conference, when Scott Herrera recognized the need for a centrally located school where practitioners could learn the skills, practice the techniques, and refine their craft as he had done. Guy VOYER, DO appointed Legacy as the ELDOA Program Administrator and Scott as the Director of the ELDOA Program. The Center regularly hosts ELDOA Certification Courses for Levels 1, 2, 1&2 Combination, 3, 4, and 5.1, and Practical Application Workshops specific to the ELDOA training.

The Professional Development Series (PDS) is a second division which offers original course work developed by Scott Herrera organized into intensive modules and practical workshops. The course work is designed to stimulate problem solving, provide supervised practice time, and give practitioners more in-depth exposure to the material so they can master their skill set.

In addition, SomaTraining Texas Institute and SomaTherapy Texas Institute have been added. Both schools have three-year Diploma Programs.

Clients who consult with Legacy attend lectures and complete seminars specific to being well and learning how their body functions.