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Yesterday Legacy Sport & Wellness Center was made aware of an INCORRECT T6-T7 ELDOA video on the internet. We are re-posting this video as an example of an INCORRECT ELDOA exercise. Typically we do not feel the need or have the desire to “police” the internet, but after watching this I was moved to take action. The exercise is incorrect for numerous reasons…  the posture of the model for this ELDOA is incorrect as are the factors of progression, and I do not believe the instructor has completed any training for the ELDOA, at least not from us. The ELDOA is a complex series of exercises and when used CORRECTLY can create a profound change in a person. ELDOA exercises use the fascial chains to elongate the body and STRENGTHEN in the extreme range… it is not stretching or MyoFascial Stretching as so often is misstated.

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