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ELDOA Exercise: Two Reasons To Use The ELDOA Daily-

By April 21, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

ELDOA is a specific type of exercise organized by Guy VOYER, DO. VOYER, an Osteopath from France, organized the ELDOA exercise system decades ago and has used them as an integral part of his practice. For example, when a correction is made, an exercise is given to reinforce and create permanent change, but their many more reasons for the use of the ELDOA beyond reinforcing a correction. Two benefits from a daily practice of the ELDOA- 1. Nourish the disc between the vertebrae with life sustaining fluids 2. The ELDOA stimulates the proprioceptors of the joint, which improves the intelligence of the joint(s) and the quality of their movements. To learn more about how this process occurs look for lectures on the ELDOA, the ELDOA and sport, the ELDOA and back pain, and courses on the ELDOA taught throughout the world. To stay in touch with scheduling create an account on the Legacy Sport & Wellness homepage and follow our posts and updates as well as our educational content specific to Sport and Training for Sports, Wellness and SomaPractitioner Courses and workshops.



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