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ELDOA Exercises For All Ages-

By July 6, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

In case you have not visited the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas or attended one of our ELDOA collective classes then you may not know what the ELDOA is or what type of people can benefit from the ELDOA. The month of July is dedicated to sharing client case histories as well as facts specific to the ELDOA exercises organized by osteopath Guy VOYER DO. The Legacy Sport & Wellness Center was the first facility in the United States to organize regular group ELDOA and analytical exercise classes (to see a list of those classes and see “exercise classes”). At the Center in Dallas we have clients as young as 7 years old who have home ELDOA programs and attend group classes regularly. We invite you to follow our posts on the ELDOA and all the events scheduled to take place in the month of July, or create a Sport-Wellness account on the website homepage to keep up to date of events at the Center throughout the year-

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