ELDOA™ are postural exercises that have as the primary goal the increase of space within a chosen articulation (joint).

Space is created and joint mechanics improve, blood flow increases, disc pressure is reduced as is pain, discs are rehydrated, better muscle tone results, posture improves, and a sense of well-being and awareness is restored.

The L5-S1 Functional Spine Unit can be called the last shock absorber of the spine.  Most people experience back pain at this level.  As the ‘foundation’ of your house, it is important to make sure space is created at L5-S1.


The TV ELDOA™ is a descending posture.  Notice the knees are bent and the arms are not engaged in creating myo-fascial tension.

By staying in the posture longer than the 60 seconds normally used for ELDOA™ postures, one is allowing the release of gravity to ameliorate spinal tension and discomfort.


In this posture, one can see that the ischium are not on the wall, but away from the wall.

This is often necessary when a person experiences mild to severe back pain.  One can stay in this position for 5 to 10 minutes at a time in order to gain relief.

General ELDOA

The General ELDOA™ is a ‘moving’ ELDOA designed to effect the dura mater.

Many concussions clients find this posture helpful as they deal with the aftermath of head injury.