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ELDOA Case History Success: 75 year old, former Army Ranger

This case is exactly why Legacy Center designed the system we use with clients… a few months ago, a 75+ year old competitive racquetball player from Ohio, and former Army Ranger, visited the Center in Dallas for one day. His complaint was back-sciatic pain. A physician diagnosed Charlie with degenerative disc disease and osteo-athritis of the facets. His recommendation was surgery. The ex-Ranger was open to trying the ELDOA exercises so we filmed his home program and helped him practice one exercise L5-S1 with Factors of Progression.

Today, Legacy received an update… Charlie was able to relieve his back and sciatic pain within 3-4 weeks using the ELDOA training regularly (as part of his home program). At that point in time, he entered the Men’s Senior Division State Championship Racquetball Tournament…and went on to win the singles division and place in the doubles.

The message he sent back to the Center -“thanks for saving my life. Those exercises are amazing. Do them every day and I’m playing racquetball every week! Thanks again Legacy!”- Charlie.

Charlie is Scott Herrera’s uncle.

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