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Diabetic Medication Side-effects-

Do you have a problem regulating blood sugar?

If you don’t think you do then the next question is, “how do you know?” Do you know the signs of blood sugar instability?  If you don’t know how to determine if your blood sugar is balanced then don’t be so quick to answer “NO”, at least until you have tested yourself!

At the Legacy Sport & Wellness we organized a Sport & Wellness program where clients and athletes are taught how to check their morning heart rate, blood sugar after meals, and to identify potential situations that might cause a person’s blood sugar to swing “too high” or “too low” and that includes athletes and young people. Insulin resistance and diabetes are not just conditions for the aging population. Check the statistics as of late- diabetes has reached epidemic status now!

If more people knew how to regulate their blood sugar through proper exercise, stress management, and better quality food choices then  a person could learn how to change their physiology for the better. And just in case you were not aware of the potential side-effects of diabetic medications the link below might provide some interesting information for one to consider-

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