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Clinical Aromatherapy is the practice of selecting essential oils for their medicinal properties, combining them with specific carriers,  taking into consideration the person as a whole, as well as the effect the oils produce on the body, in order to craft a beneficial formula.  The essences, or volatile substances (essential oils) from aromatic plant material, contain many therapeutic properties that can help the body restore its balance.

As a Clinical Aromatherapist, I schedule individual consultations with clients, often muscle testing in order to choose the best oil for their specific needs.  Formulas are created to be applied externally or inhaled via diffuser.  Formulas can address insomnia, migraines, earaches, menopause, adrenal support, wort removal, any number of GI issues, brain fog, and help a person quit smoking.  The list of conditions that can be addressed through Clinical Aromatherapy is endless.

I use medicinal grade oil from Europe in my formulations.  This grade of essential oil is more potent than therapeutic grade and cannot be purchased over the counter or through the internet.

Book your consultation and experience the powerful, centuries-old remedies available through the use of essential oils.

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