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Change Your Relationship with Food

By June 19, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

The AMA has now classified obesity as a disease even though there is no medical definition of ‘disease’.  Be that as it may, there is an obesity epidemic in America leading to a host of conditions brought on by being grossly over-weight…diabetes (now becoming a problem for young children) comes to mind first and foremost.

The medical and pharmaceutical communities have unveiled two new obesity drugs this year.  But is that really the answer we need?

Food is the most widely used anti-anxiety, depression remedy in the country.  Exercise is the most underused therapy.  Food is for nourishing the building blocks of the body.  It is not a coping mechanism.  Movement is life and exercise is movement!

Your ideal body weight depends upon crafting a healthy relationship with food and food has a highly emotionally charged component to it, as we all know.  They don’t call some foods ‘comfort’ foods for nothing.

Simply put:  Eat Less Crap    C • carbonated drinks   R • refined sugar   A • artificial sweeteners   P • processed Food

Eat More Food  F • fruit and vegetables   O • organic pastured protein   O • omega-3 fatty acids   D • drink water

Legacy’s staff is certified in Lifestyle Coaching and Metabolic Typing.  We know food, how to coach clients to develop a healthy relationship with food.  We are also skilled trainers, specializing in corrective exercise and SomaTraining.  Contact us at

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