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How to Best Serve Your Clients

By September 3, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Often, practitioners refer clients to Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas. Two things typically happen that could easily be changed…

1. Clients do not allow enough time in Dallas to have a program designed and stay long enough really learn it. Most clients from out of town “buzz in and out” in one day or less. This is barely enough time to teach them anything with respect to the complexity in the type of work we do. An extra day or two makes all the difference.

227221_172939189431634_3360619_n2. Clients do not bring their trainers or therapist, but they should! These exercises work well when done correctly. We teach clients that they are their own best therapist but in the beginning, a coach/trainer is needed to fine-tune the exercise quality.

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