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Athletes and Energy Sources

By April 4, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

At the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center we consult with an assortment of athletes from various sports. One common question that comes up when we are organizing a lifestyle plan is, “Should I be eating a lot of carbohydrates?” Each athlete/person is different and the demands of sport competitions vary and as surprising as it might sound, not all athletes are healthy which can affect how their program goals and organization, too.  For this reason, we recommend building a base metabolism and then fine-tune with respect to calorie intake and choice of calories after. One way that we do this with athletes, regardless of their sport, is to organize a food plan, over several months, that is balanced with proteins and fats and use carbohydrates to fine-tune. Once athletes learn to use fatty acids as energy source they typically can lower carbohydrate intake. This is done slowly over an extended period of time and it can vary with each case.

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