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April’s Physical Fitness & Sport Tip: Master the Gravity Squat

By April 10, 2014December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

Back CameraMuch of today’s bio-mechanic principles with respect to the body are dated. They were based upon the old structural Roman column; this holds true for a building but not for the human body.

With respect to the knee, “in biomechanics the knee does not exist”.

The knee has a tremendous amount of mobility and very little stability. This can create a potential problem.

Another big problem of the knee, there are two knees in the same “knee”… the shape of the medial and lateral knee are not symmetrical. We use the analogy of one side is a big wheel and the other side is a smaller wheel. To have this type of design makes it difficult to “roll straight”. For this design,   we need ligaments and complexity.

However, there is one exercise that can be done daily to improve the quality of the movement of the knee in relation to all the other joints as well as to improve stability- the GRAVITY SQUAT!

To learn more about the Gravity Squat and how you can add this to your program contact Legacy Sport & Wellness Institute in Dallas.

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