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60-Second Anatomy Tip: Legacy Sport & Wellness Center

By August 9, 2013December 9th, 2014Daily Posts/Tips

With so many new practitioners from all over the world enrolling in the ELDOA and SomaPractitioner Training Courses, Legacy Sport & Wellness Center created a new feature… 60- Second Anatomy, to assist practitioners in either beginning the study of the anatomy, or educating accomplished practitioners who studied anatomy in a traditional model but were never taught the anatomical links to structures via the fascial chains and in such a way that respects the tensegrity model.

“The body is not a house of bricks stacked upon one another” and the anatomy and human bio-mechanics cannot be viewed in such a manner if the goal is to understand movement, function, WELLNESS or SPORT.

Look for this new feature coming soon!

60-Second Anatomy Tips will be just that… a short post or video tip on the anatomy as seen through one of the foremost educators on the fascia and exercise.

Not all tips come from a diagram or a classic textbook!

The content of the tips will come in numerous forms and come various sources including clinical case experience. For example, some tips might come in the form of a recommended resource, be it an article or reference text (and not all texts are in English). The classic anatomy of “origin and insertion” is too simple and one-deminsional. It does not respect the tensegrity or complexity models or is REAL ANATOMY!

Legacy Sport & Wellness Center is a leader in the fields of health and human performance. We will show you the ANATOMY and EXERCISE in ways you never imagined and support it with actual clinical case histories!

We invite you to begin to follow our daily posts, Sport & Wellness blogs, SomaPractitioner Blog, and other Legacy programming at

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