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Camp Description

Professional Sports is as much about entertainment as it is  professional competition. The repetitive stress of games, playing through injuries, and training sessions combined with the number of games played each week and the air travel ages the body faster, increasing the potential for injury each year.

The REGEN Camps organized by Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas are designed to help players counter-balance the effects of competing in professional sports, regardless of their position or age.

To do this, we use a select group of specific exercises and exercise programming to activate and re-train muscle and connective tissues that have been damaged from trauma – surgery, playing through injuries, or compensating for a lack of use – and re-organize it into healthy, well organized, functional tissue. This builds a base for each player, a base that is needed for global workout programs later in the summer.

The exercises you use in the REGEN camps can be used during your summer training sessions as well as during the competitive season, Making these tools useful year round.

Exercises Included

ELDOA, Myofascial Stretching (MFS) of the lower limb (leg), MFS of the groin and hip flexors, MFS of pelvis and pelvic rotator muscles, ABS – sport specific and lower ABS training, ELDOA – General (spine) and ELDOA for the pelvis and hip joints, Muscular training of the groin, lower back and shoulder regions, Global Movement Sessions, and more.

*Water therapy in the form of dry sauna and swimming are offered as optional training days.

Each group session is 90 minutes in length with the goal of each workout being different and each week building on the week before.

Camp sessions are organized in 1,2, and 3-week, multi-day options with an optional water therapy day that includes dry sauna and swimming.

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