Ada King

By February 24, 2017

“Mrs. Claudia,

It was nice meeting you, Scott, and Guy on Monday.  Thank you for making ear medicine for me.  It helped me have a much better time on the plan ride home.

Your friend, Ada King”

Ada and her mom and uncle came to Dallas.  This is what Ada’s mom writes:  “Ada’s note was heart felt as she was made to feel welcomed and special by you guys.  She did truly have a lovely experience.  On top of that she is feeling much better with no more daily aches and soreness.  After meeting Guy she has reached a deeper level of dedication to her stretching and ELDOA.  She has already seen positive results for her efforts and at times takes it upon herself to do her exercises without my prompting!  I couldn’t be more proud of her and am so very happy with the route her life is taking.  Thank you for the role you have all played in this.”

Ada has scoliosis and her uncle, Matt Ruffino ( a Legacy client in New Orleans) introduced her to ELDOA.  Ada’s mom has taken ELDOA 1 so she can be familiar with what ELDOA is and help Ada with her home program.  When they were in Dallas, Ada had an ear ache and was flying home later that day.  I made a clinical aromatherapy formula for her, which produced some immediate results and a happier flight back home.