After concentrated research in the fields of physical exercise and osteopathy, Legacy’s Sport & Wellness Program was organized.

In the Sport & Wellness Program, clients are taught how to perform exercises adapted to a specific problem or goal:  sports related, corrective, preventative, maintenance, or aesthetic.  The exercises are precise (analytical) and they respect the complexity of each person’s body and the paradigm of functional anatomy and tensegrity biomechanics.

Every client receives a home program specific to his or her needs.  Clients schedule appointments to work on their program with a skilled Practitioner and The Center offers weekly group and semi-private classes to supplement this work.

Exercises include, but are not limited to, the following:

ELDOA – to decoapt the joints, because articular dehydration and arthrosis are immediate consequences

specific muscle strengthening (reinforcement) – to know how to work the origin, the termination, the laterality, the medially, the area, the depth, the center, etc., all the parts of all the muscles of the body as needed

myofascial stretching (MFS) – because a muscle is only one link in a global chain, connected to everything by fasciae

proprioception – to rehabilitate the precise faculties of each ligament of the body in a lesional situation

global postural stretching (GPS) – which helps restore freedom of movement and comfort to a global part of the body, including bones, muscles, joints, veins, arteries, nerves, etc.

cardiac – to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity and power

respiratory – to work both on quality (each segment) and on quantity (respiratory amplitude)

circulatory – to prevent or correct the slightest varicosities and facilitate venous return

awareness – to feel good in your body and mind (comfortable in your skin) you have to know yourself

visceral gymnastics – all the viscera are mobile and motor; they also need rehabilitation or regulation and even functional improvement exercises.