ELDOA 2 New Orleans, LA March 2017


Instructor: Scott Herrera

Benson Tower
1450 Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70113


$799 Early Bird (Until February 15, 2017)

$899 Regular Price (After February 15, 2017


Course Description: ELDOA of the Spine

ELDOA 2 expands on many of the key topics from ELDOA 1. Lecture topics include the Comprehensive History of the ELDOA, Cinesiology Principles, Teaching Principles of the ELDOA, Factors of Progression, GAGS and Water Imbibition. Kapandji’s spine biomechanics and descriptive anatomy are taught in ELDOA 2. The ELDOA exercises taught in this course include levels L5/S1 to C2/C3.


Product Description

We are excited to announce an ELDOA Level 2 Certification Course in New Orleans, LA hosted by our friends at Natural Movement Solutions. Scott Herrera of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center will be instructing this 3-day course covering all of the ELDOA exercises of the spine.


Course Description

ELDOA Level 2 Certification Course – The ELDOA of the Spine – is a three-day course.

The first day is a review of ELDOA 1. The history of the ELDOA according to Guy VOYER DO, and the Historical Synopsis of the ELDOA are discussion topics. In days 2 and 3, the spine biomechanics and descriptive anatomy are taught. Students learn the ELDOA exercises of the spine from the level of L5-S1 to C2-3 and the Factors of Progression are introduced.

Lecture topics include: Descriptive Anatomy and Kapandji Biomechanics of the Spine, Water Imbibition of the Intervertebral Disc – Gel-Sol, Fascia Overview and the Roles of the Fascia – According to Guy VOYER, DO, Factors of Progression, and the Theories of the ELDOA program.



Course Objectives

Back Pain:  Address the Cause vs. Treat the Symptoms

Review ELDOA 1

The Educational Philosophy: “Learn by Doing”

Review Historical Synopsis of the ELDOA

Teach Classic Spine Biomechanics and Descriptive Anatomy

Fascia Overview ( Les ELDOA, Copyright 2003, Guy VOYER)

Teach the Classic ELDOA Exercises of the Spine Level L5-S1 to C2-3

Teaching Principles: Awareness, Lemniscate, and Myofascial Stretching

Introduce Factors of Progression

Discussions & Theories


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