In 2013, Legacy LLC hosted the largest ELDOA Conference in North Amercia, with over 100 practitioners from around the world in attendance.  Shortly thereafter, the ELDOA became a stand-alone Certification Program and Legacy Sport & Wellness Center was appointed as the Program Administrator by Guy VOYER, DO with Scott Herrera as Program Director.

The ELDOA Program is now a six-level certification program. Previously, practitioners who wanted to study the ELDOA exercises created by Guy VOYER, DO enrolled in either his SomaTraining or Osteopathy Programs.  The new format begins with ELDOA Level 1, a two-day certification course designed to teach the most frequently used ELDOA postures of the spine.  Other topics of discussion include the comprehensive methodology and the History of the ELDOA According to Guy VOYER, DO, the Paradox of the Spine, the Functional Unit of Junghans, and ELDOA – Address the Cause vs Treat the Symptoms.

ELDOA 1 is the BASE for all the levels in the new certification program.  Student practitioners with no formal training in anatomy and spine biomechanics can enroll in the three-year certification program and learn the techniques that have helped thousands of people.

Upon completion of Level 1, the program becomes more comprehensive with respect to the biomechanics, descriptive anatomy, and the number of the ELDOA techniques.  In ELDOA Level 2, practitioners learn the ELDOA of the spine.  – L5-S1 to C2-C3  – and the classic biomechanics of the spine.  ELDOA Level 3 is the ribcage, shoulder complex, and hips and their respective biomechanics.

ELDOA Level 4 is the pelvis and sacro-iliac joints.  Practitioners learn the 22 axes of the pelvis and the ELDOA for the sacro-iliac joints.  During level 4, student pravtitioners are tested on the history of the ELDOA and their competency with the ELDOA postures.  Once practitioners pass their examination, they can proceed to ELDOA Level 5.

ELOA Level 5 is the upper cervical spine, TMJ, and spine pathologies.  This course builds on Level 4 content and is taught exclusively by Dr. VOYER.  Upon completion of an examination, practitioners can proceed to ELDOA Level 6.  The program concludes with ELDOA Level 6, the cranial ELDOA.  The previous five levels are reviewed, modifications to the classic ELDOA techniques are taught, and case histories are discussed.  There is a final examination and graduation from the Certification Program.

The 6-level Certification Program gives practitioners time to master the anatomy and biomechanics, while providing ample opportunity between the levels for practical application techniques.  In this way, a student can enter the program as a beginner and progress to a master level ELDOA Practitioner.