Legacy has been using ELDOA with our clients for fifteen years and teaching ELDOA group exercise classes for more than a decade.


In 2008, Legacy Sport & Wellness Center opened in Dallas, Texas with an innovative approach dedicated to teaching sports performance and wellness.

Recognizing the need for a different way and better results, Scott Herrera spent more than twenty years traveling throughout North America to study from the highest regarded experts in their respective fields – strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and osteopathy.

For our innovative approach, it was necessary to construct a new business model, using a system with better exercises and more specific exercise instruction performed in an environment conducive to change.

At the core of Legacy’s approach are three key components:

  • Each Person is an Individual – there are no protocols
  • Client Education is the Foundation for Permanent Change
  • Structure and Function are Inter-related

Athletes and clients who visit Legacy Center receive a customized home program specific to their needs.  Private and semi-private sessions, and weekly group exercise classes support people on their path to permanent change.

Examples of group classes include: ELDOA for General Wellness, Abdominal Training, Basic Conditioning, Myofascial Stretching for Athletes, Myofascial Stretching for Wellness, and  ELDOA for Back Pain.  In addition to Legacy’s exercise system and group exercise program, the Center offers traditional weight-lifting (global training) and cardio-vascular training.

Group Exercise Class Calendar

Legacy’s Sport Program

The goals of an athlete training for sport or competition are not the same as exercising to be well. Legacy’s sport training program is for athletes and very active individuals who strive to perform at the highest level.  With every sport, there are injuries and in competitive athletics there is no time to lose. As a conditioning specialist with advanced training in corrective exercise and performance rehabilitation, Scott Herrera has worked with the most difficult of orthopedic cases.  For these cases, he uses Legacy’s innovative approach in conjunction with the medical team to maximize time and get results. Athletes who consult with the Center receive comprehensive programs custom-designed to address their goals using many of our sport specific exercises.

In addition to one-on-one training, Legacy is host to workshops and sport-specific camps using our innovative approach. Professional camps include Pre- and Post-Season Training for Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer, and Golf.

Legacy’s Wellness Program

We’ve been teaching the ELDOA postures and using them with our clients and in group classes for over a decade.  Guy VOYER, DO  appointed Legacy  the Administrator for the 6-level ELDOA Certification Program and Scott Herrera it’s Director in 2014.

The primary objective of Legacy’s wellness program is to teach clients how to be well.  Each client is viewed as an individual with specific needs and goals and Legacy believes education is the key to change.  Clean water, quality food, sleep, and stress management are all foundational principles in Legacy’s wellness program.

At the Center, clients receive personalized home programs designed to meet their needs.  Clients schedule private sessions to work on their home programs in combination with participation in semi-private and group exercise classes.  Examples of wellness classes include ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching for Wellness, Segmental and Global Muscle Training, and Proprioception (Balance and Reflex Training).

Other services include Lifestyle Coaching, Clinical Aromatherapy, and Massage Therapy.

The Legacy Institute

Education is the foundation for permanent change.  As part of Legacy’s business model, we opened a teaching facility that offers regularly scheduled workshops and lectures for health practitioners, exercise professionals, and clients.  Courses are organized into short, intensive modules offered throughout the year.

One division of the Institute is the ELDOA School of Training.  It opened after the 2013 North American ELDOA Conference, when Scott Herrera recognized the need for a centrally located school where practitioners could learn the skills, practice the techniques, and refine their craft as he had done.  Guy VOYER, DO appointed Legacy as the ELDOA Program Administrator and Scott as the Director of the ELDOA Program.  The Center regularly hosts ELDOA Certification Courses for Levels 1-2-3-4 and Practical Application Workshops specific to the ELDOA training.

The Professional Development Series (PDS) is a second division which offers original course work developed by Scott Herrera organized into intensive modules and practical workshops.  The course work is designed to stimulate problem solving, provide supervised practice time, and give practitioners more in-depth exposure to the material so they can master their skill set.

Clients who consult with Legacy attend lectures and complete seminars specific to being well and learning how their body functions.

Legacy’s Staff

Scott Herrera

Scott Herrera is co-owner of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center, founder of the ELDOA School of Training in Dallas, and Director for the new ELDOA Certification Program. He began his career, training athletes, at Southern Methodist University where he played football under Forrest Gregg.

After graduating from SMU, Scott spent more than 20 years traveling throughout North American to study from the highest regarded experts in the fields of strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and osteopathy.

Scott was introduced to Guy VOYER, DO and his course work in New York in 2003.  He and one other practitioner studied intensively with VOYER in the U.S. and at Sutherland Academy in Canada for fourteen years.

During this time of intensive study and travel, Scott developed his innovative approach to sports performance training, performance rehabilitation, and exercise instruction.  In 2008, he and his business partner opened Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in Dallas, the first permanent facility to implement his approach and the Legacy business model. The Legacy model has two divisions:  the Sport & Wellness Program and the School.

In 2013, Legacy, LLC and Scott hosted the largest ELDOA Conference in North America, with 100 practitioners from around the world in attendance.  Shortly thereafter, the ELDOA became a stand-alone Certification Program and Guy VOYER, DO appointed Legacy as Program Administrator.  Scott writes the course manuals and is an instructor for Certification Levels 1-2-3.

Scott teaches workshops based upon his innovative approach and on many topics pertaining to sport performance and wellness. He regularly consults with university athletic programs, professional sports organizations, and players. When Scott isn’t traveling to instruct or give lectures, he meets with clients and teaches at the Legacy Sport & Wellness Center.

Scott lives in Dallas, Texas.

Claudia Zelazny

Claudia Zelazny is co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Legacy Sport & Wellness Center. Claudia completed the Functional Medicine Training Program and Continuing Education under Dr. Dan Kalish in 2008.  She is a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, C.H.E.K. HLC Level 3,  C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach, Certified ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching Trainer, and a student of Guy VOYER, DO since 2008. She is currently completing the SomaTraining Program started in Los Angeles in 2009. Claudia is a Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner, Level 3.

With her business partner, Claudia opened the first Legacy Sport & Wellness Center in 2008. She works with clients one-on-one, teaches classes at the center, and conducts workshops on lifestyle education as well as overseeing day to day operations at the Center.

Claudia attended The University of Texas in Austin, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in education. In the 1970’s, Claudia was co-owner of The Workout on Lovers Lane, which was one of the most successful aerobic studios in Dallas.

Claudia is currently working on a national certification in Clinical Aromatherapy.

Claudia lives in Dallas, Texas.